Robotics for the elderly

Robotics for the elderly

“As long as I live, I learn”

This quote by Solon (c. 638 – c. 558 BC), an Athenian statesman, lawmaker, and poet, reflects the eager of the group at the Seniors Center of New Moudania (Greece) to learn about technology. They never miss a class and when we don’t have tutorials due to holidays they ask for extra classes to cover the “lost hours”. They don’t get tired and they welcome knowledge with enthusiasm and joy.

Mr. Zaharias has his own notebook this year, a present from his daughters, and loves to search for music at YouTube and share it with the group. His friends are inviting him to play cards instead of learning how to use a computer but he responds: “We can play later. I want to learn something new now. I will be bored just playing cards all the time. Why don’t you join the classroom?”

Every time they come to the class with new demands: “I want to learn how to use Skype”, “I want to know how to have web access to my taxes”, “I want to search for news on web”. Who said that elderly are afraid of technology?

Next target: learn how to use a robot. With such a studious group I won’t be surprised if they also learn how to program it…

This article was written by Sofia Reppou, Research Associate at the ORMYLIA FOUNDATION