RAPP Open-source software

Since the beginning of RAPP’s third year, the RAPP Platform and RAPP APIs source code was made publicly available. This approach aspires to multiple benefits: First of all, we enable all developers, eager to join our effort towards establishing robotic cloud services, to take the first step by downloading our code and testing it in their own platforms. This will hopefully result in their feedback, allowing us to fix possible bugs and improve our software by adding extra functionality. Finally, their feedback on the usability of our framework will be of utmost importance, since usability is one of the expected outcomes of the RAPP Project.

The links where the code and documentation exists follow:

The GitHub RAPP organization webpage: https://github.com/rapp-project

Wiki and installation scripts links:

The RAPP Platform, RAPP Platform API and RAPP Robot API source code:

Sample applications created with the aforementioned tools: https://github.com/rapp-project/rapps-nao

We hope that our software will be of assistance to you towards easily creating robot-agnostic applications, and we will be happy to receive your feedback either by GitHub issues or by filling up the following questionnaire: http://goo.gl/forms/132IceATyTFn4fI62.

The RAPP Project consortium