RAPP awarded at the SEGG Conference 2015

RAPP awarded at the SEGG Conference 2015

The RAPP project got an award at the 57th Conference of the Spanish Society of Geriatrics and Gerontology (SEGG 2015).

Zahartzaroa, the Basque association of Geriatrics and Gerontology awarded the RAPP project poster entitled “Design of a smart walker, RAPP project” that Matia Institute presented at the 57th SEGG Conference on 3-5 June, as the best poster for the clinical area after an unanimous jury vote. The jury valued the innovative aspect of the project as well as the involvement and the joint work of clinicians, researchers and older people.

One very positive and valuable aspect of RAPP and ANG-med is the assistance the robot will confer in the rehabilitation process and recovery of walking functionality of the older people with mobility difficulties. In addition, it will also provide important data and monitoring indicators to the health professionals about the activity performed with the rollator and the progress of each patient.

On the other hand, to design the rollator not only researchers and partners of the project have been involved, but also health professionals, family members and older people that would use it. The design of the actual rollator is therefore the result of the collaboration among all of us and so is the obtained award. Also, congratulation to all RAPP participants!

Read the RAPP poster (Spanish).

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