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RAPP at the Automation 2015 conference, March 18-20

RAPP at the Automation 2015 conference, March 18-20

The AUTOMATION 2015 Conference that will be held in Warsaw, in March 18-20, 2015 will include a session focusing on topics of interest to RAPP. The “Robot companions and assistive robotics” session will be jointly organised by prof. Pericles Mitkas (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece) and Cezary Zielinski (Warsaw University of Technology, Poland), from the RAPP project consortium.

The session will be devoted to assistive and companion robots as well as to all forms of assistance provided by robots to humans by directly interacting with them. The interests of the session span from rehabilitation robots through cognitive and emotional robots being companions to people to sociological aspects of using such robots. Ageing of population with a simultaneous decrease in birth-rate presents an acute problem for families and institutions providing support to all in need of assistance. One of the solutions is to rehabilitate the infirm to keep them fit as long as it is possible. For that purpose rehabilitation robots can be used. However this does not alleviate the problem of loneliness and exclusion from the society. This can be remedied by companion robots. The design and application of such robots is the focus of interest of this session. If those robots are to be accepted by their users they need to exhibit: intelligence, adequate perceptual, verbal, manipulative and locomotion skills, as well as artificial empathy and should not be intimidating. Even this incomplete list of capabilities, that such robots should have, poses considerable design and implementation problems – in majority currently constituting open research problems. Hence the aim of the invited session on Robot Companions and Assistive Robotics is to gather researchers and practitioners to report on their recent achievements in the development of assistive and companion robots dealing with real-world problems.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to: Perception for companion robots, Cognitive robots, Ontologies and knowledge representation for companion robots, Emotional robots, Interaction with companion robots, including language understanding, Environment modelling and representation for companion robots, Robot action planning, Companion and assistive robot control architectures, Companion and assistive robot learning, Rehabilitation Robotics, Applications of assistive and companion robots, Sociological aspects of interaction of humans and robots.

All the details on the event can be found on the Automation 2015 website.

The automation conference, held since 2005, is intended to provide a forum for the presentations of achievements of domestic and international research and industrial centres in the area of practical applications of automation and robotics as well as measuring devices and systems. It addresses various robotics topics such as: manufacturing processes, municipal processes and services, control and research, quality management systems work safety systems, hardware, software and applications of specialized mobile robots, methods of systems design and integration, equipment for automation and robotization, equipment and measuring systems…