Pilot healthcare centres

The RAPP clinicians and research partners have been jointly working with the elderly from the Matia’s Bermingham Hospital in Spain and from the Ormylia foundation located in Greece to identify the real needs of three user groups: Technology illiterate people, Mobility assistance and activity monitoring and Mild cognitive impairment. Based on a meticulous collection of requirements and preferences, project partners defined appropriate use case scenarios that meet the needs of all three groups. Several pilot robotic applications for the NAO humanoid robot and for the ANG-med rollator, are now being designed and tested.

MATIA Institute is Spain’s leading privately-funded institute conducting research into ageing and disability. Ingema ́s research is focused onknowledge development and its research applications through the creation of new services and products which will improve the quality of life of the elderly. MATIA aims at generating Knowledge about the ageing process to maximise everything that allows us to improve quality of life for the elderly and the disabled; and at using that Knowledge to improve care of the elderly with the view to working towards prevention of illness and delaying the appearances of disabilities, as well as helping the elderly integrate into society. MATIA Institute has a hundred and twenty-one years of experience in caring for the elderly and currently runs one geriatric hospital, seven gerontological centers and seven day care centres. With headquarters in San Sebastian and facilities in Madrid, MATIA currently employs more than thirty researchers coming from different countries and from multidisciplinary backgrounds such as psychology, medicine, chemistry, biology, sociology, nutrition, statistics and economics. Founded in 2002 to conduct state-of-the-art research, MATIA has grown from a local-focused institute to become an internationally known centre with a solid project portfolio in Spain and Europe, as well as an active partner of universities and institutes in North and South America. In recognition of its work, MATIA has been given a number of awards, these include, in 2008, the IMSERSO-Infanta Cristina Award for Social Research, in 2007 the Ramón Areces Foundation Award also for Research and in 2005 the Caja Madrid Award for Social Research.

MATIA contributes to the RAPP project as a social expert and evaluation leader. It is also responsible for tasks related to Ethical Legislations and Guidelines, as well as for user selection, and pilot preparation, deployment, testing and evaluation.


ORMYLIA Foundation has been founded in 1996 under the auspices of the Sacred Convent of the Annunciation, Dependency of the Monastery of Simonos Petra at the Holy Mountain. The mission of the Foundation is to contribute towards the wellbeing of mankind and the enhancement of culture through impartial personal struggle and charity actions as well as to comfort and alleviate the suffering of human beings without preference to race, religion, gender, or creed. ORMYLIA Foundation is a non-profit, non-governmental institution supervised by the Ministries of Development, Culture, Education and Health. ORMYLIA Foundation, in its two divisions, the Art Diagnosis Centre and the Centre for Social Advancement, Medical Prevention and Research, “Panagia Philanthropini”, has an average number of more than 1000 of individual external (mainly minorities and penniless) users per year. From its inception the Foundation has sought to collaborate with premier medical centers from around the world so as to insure that the standardized medical service be of the highest quality possible. In the 1990s the European Union recognized ORMYLIA Foundation as a European Union Center of Excellence and included the Foundation in the networks for cervical and breast cancer. Beyond the European Union, the knowledge of the ORMYLIA Foundation is enriched since it is a member of the US National Institutes of Health International Cancer Screening Network, and also the Breast Health Global Initiative sponsored by the National Cancer Institute and M.D. Andersen Cancer Center in Seattle, Washington. In recognition of “ORMYLIA” Foundation’s services, the United States General Consul, Mr. Hoyt Brian Yee, at a specially organized award ceremony at the US General Consulate in Thessaloniki at 06/18/2009 officially acknowledged the high quality services offered by the Foundation to the under- privileged, minority and immigrant women in the field of breast and cervical cancer screening.

As a social partner with technical background, ORMYLIA leads definition of User Requirements and Specifications of the RAPP platform, including the definition of Key Performance Indicators. ORMYLIA will also design and develop the Robotic Application for technology illiterate people, being RAPP second Pilot partner with MATIA.