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NAO-mark vs QR-code Recognition by Nao Robot Vision

NAO-mark vs QR-code Recognition by Nao Robot Vision

The paper titled “NAO-mark vs QR-code Recognition by Nao Robot Vision” by WUT partners has been accepted for the Automation conference 2015.

Nowadays, the research on robot on-map localization while using landmarks is more intensively dealing with visual code recognition. One of the most popular landmarks of this type is the QR-code. This paper is devoted to the experimental evaluation of vision-based on-map localization procedures that apply QR-codes or NAO marks, as implemented in service robot control systems. In particular, the NAO humanoid robot is our test-bed platform, while the use of robotic systems for hazard detection is the motivation of this study. Especially, the robot can be a useful aid for elderly people affected by dementia and cognitive disorientation. The detection of the door opening is assumed to be important to ensure safety in the home environment. Thus, the paper focus on door opening detection while using QR-codes.

This paper has been written by Jan Figat and Włodzimierz Kasprzak from the Warsaw University of Technology (WUT) in Poland.

It has been presented with 6 other RAPP accepted papers at the Automation conference 2015 and published in the Springer series: Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing Volume 351. The book is entitled: Progress in Automation, Robotics and Measuring Techniques, Volume 2 Robotics. It was edited by: Roman Szewczyk, Cezary Zieliński and Małgorzata Kaliczyńska.