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RAPP at the International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS 2014)

RAPP at the International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS 2014)

RAPP partners will organise the Assistance and Service Robotics in a Human Environment Workshop in conjunction with IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems, September 14, 2014, Chicago, Illinois.

RAPP Partners CERTH, INRIA and WUT will be there (Fotis Psomopoulos, Emmanouil Tsardoulias, Alexandros Giokas, Cezary Zielinski, Vincent Prunet, Ilias Trochidis, David Daney, Manuel Serrano, Ludovic Courtes, Stratos Arampatzis and Pericles Mitkas), to present the project. The following abstract presents the session:

Robots are fast becoming a part of everyday life. This rise can be evidenced both through the public news and announcements, as well as in recent literature in the robotics scientific communities. This expanding development requires new paradigms in producing the necessary software to allow for the users’ particular needs. In this paper we present a novel architectural design of the RAPP framework that attempts to address this issue, developed within the context of the EU funded project RAPP “Robotic Applications for Delivering Smart User Empowering Application”. The proposed framework has been designed aiming towards a cloud-based approach to integrating robotic devices and their respective applications. This goal was defined going beyond the up- coming trends in infrastructures, and focusing on alternative approaches to conventional robotic controllers, while at the same time expanding the capabilities of the RAPP framework in a seamless and scaling manner.

Want to learn more about Intelligent Robots and Systems? Join the IROS 2014 conference that will take place on September 14-18, 2014 in Chicago (IL), USA.

The conference programme will integrate workshops and tutorials, plenaries, mini-plenaries, interactive sessions, exhibits, robot demonstrations, an industrial innovation showcase, and social activities for attendees and guests. In particular, three workshops will be dedicated to RAPP related topics:

Workshop on “Assistance and Service Robotics in a Human Environment”
Workshop on “Assistive Robots for Individuals with Disabilities: HRI Issues and Beyond”
Workshop on “Rehabilitation and Assistive Robotics: Bridging the Gap Between Clinicians and Roboticists”

This five day conference will gather together experts in the field of robotics and automation for technical communications, and invite attendees to explore the frontier of science and technology in robotics and automation. More information can be found on the IROS website.