The RAPP Network of Interest (NOI) is a community of users animated by the RAPP consortium and third parties around the topics addressed in RAPP, in particular robotics to avoid exclusion for the elderly and for technology illiterate people. The RAPP project targets that developers of robotic applications take advantage of the RAPP platform and its standards to easily build and include machine learning and personalization techniques to their applications. RAPP also aspires that elderly and healthcare centres discover and use robotics, the RAPP platform and RApps. Topics addressed in the NOI are aimed at reaching these goals.

The RAPP Network of Interest aims at gathering different actors, including researchers, healthcare professionals, robotic developers and end-users, offering two levels of participation: A first level where members have both interest and potential to utilize the RAPP framework, and will discuss with RAPP partners about topics such as project latest developments, business opportunities, events…; and a second level where members will simply be kept updated with news and invitations to participate to events, online discussion, surveys, etc.)

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