Make business with RAPP

RAPP offers an open-source software platform to support the creation, hosting and delivery of robotic applications. By lowering costs for developers, the RAPP project intends to increase their interest in developing robotic applications compatible with most of the assistive and service robots for the elderly on the market. Meanwhile, RAPP empowers healthcare professionals with an easy access to robotics application that will support carers’ daily activities and increase the quality of life of their patients. So, why is RAPP a good solution for everyone?


A solution for healthcare centers

RAPP will offer robotics applications to answer the problems that healthcare providers are facing as the population is ageing. Professionals carers as well as personal robot owners will be able to easily download applications for assistive and companion robots, which will respond to the needs of people at risk of exclusion and support carers. Our pilot sites are testing the solution on “technology illiterate” people, patients with mild cognitive impairment (MCI) and hip fracture recovery (mobility assistance and activity monitoring).

Robotic caregiving

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A solution for developers

RAPP is providing an open source infrastructure for developers of robotic applications so they can easily build and include machine learning and personalization techniques to applications. These applications will be supported by most of the assistive and service robots available on the market and be made available for download to the public via a dedicated robotics applications store. Interested? Have a look at the RAPP Platform.

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An advantage for robot manufacturers

Any robot that becomes compatible with RAPP will have access to cloud robotics services, empowering it with lots of functionalities. Also, while RAPP acts as a facilitator of robotics application building and delivery, it promotes the use of small home and service robots by elderly people and their caregivers, at home but also in healthcare centers, facilitating the download and use of robotic applications from the RAPP store.

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